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Do I have a weight problem..?
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Welsh Weight Loss Surgery Clinic
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The fact that you're now looking for help in managing your weight strongly suggests that you do have a problem. You may have already made several attempts to lose weight by dieting, exercising, taking medications or by attending group therapy classes. You may even have lost weight in the past only to put it back on. So now you've decided to look for help in conquering your weight problem and to win back your health. Bariatric (weight loss) surgery is a highly effective treatment for obesity and morbid obesity with excellent long-term results. Many studies have shown significant improvements in both health and well-being after bariatric surgery. Looking for the right specialists to talk to about weight loss and surgery can be a daunting task however, and working out what's best for you can be just as confusing. We understand that it's easy to be bewildered by all the services that are on offer elsewhere. If you are considering weight loss surgery, the most important step is finding a supportive group of experts whom you can trust to answer all your questions and who have the necessary skills to help you through this life-changing treatment. The Welsh Weight Loss Surgery Clinic comprise the only team of specialists who are accredited by the Assembly Government to perform bariatric surgery in Wales. We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss how bariatric surgery might make a difference to you and to your weight problem.
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