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Frequently Asked Questions
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What are the risks of the operation? Obesity operations are very safe, but all operations have a small risk. Nowadays they are all keyhole operations. Everyone will have a small amount of discomfort after the operation, but simple painkillers are normally all that is required to keep this under control. There is a small risk of infection in the wounds, but if this does occur then a course of antibiotics will help this heal up. There is a very small risk of chest or urine infection. Rarely (about 1 in 100) a more serious complication can occur such as bleeding inside the abdomen or a leak from one of the staple lines. This will require a longer stay in hospital, is likely to require further tests (such as a CT scan) and may require another operation. The surgeons are well aware of these risks and do everything possible during surgery to minimise the risk. The results are comparable with the best units in the world. Once at home the risk of a deep vein thrombosis remains. You will be encouraged to keep active to minimise this risk, and will be given a course of injections to prevent this. What are the side effects of the operation? There are very few side effects of this type of surgery. Obviously you should find you feel full after smaller meals and that your appetite is reduced. A few people find that they have dry skin or their hair becomes a bit thin and lifeless after surgery. This is temporary and will settle after a few months once the period of rapid weight loss settles. Eating and drinking healthily and taking multivitamins will minimise this.
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Is an operation right for me? Deciding whether or not to have surgery to help weight loss can be difficult and is not the answer for everyone. Our team fully understand this. Before undergoing any operation you will be seen and assessed by the surgeons, anaesthetists, specialist nurse, dietician, and any other professionals felt to be appropriate. They will ensure you understand what having an operation will mean to your life and whether it is the right choice for you. How much weight will I lose? Weight loss after surgery is very variable, and it is impossible to predict for an individual. It will depend on the type of surgery and, more importantly, the changes you make to your lifestyle with a healthier diet and increasing physical activity. The results we have match the best in the world with most people losing more than half their excess weight (the weight they are carrying above their normal healthy weight) in the first year.
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