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Frequently Asked Questions
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Can I eat anything I want to after surgery? After the operation there is a specific diet for a number of weeks. This basically consists of fluids at first, gradually building up to more solid foods. After a few weeks you will be able to eat all normal foodstuffs though should eat smaller meals. We will be encouraging you to look closely at your diet and think carefully about what you are eating. Weight loss surgery only works with the work you put in to change your lifestyle, diet being one of the most important aspects of this. How long will I be in hospital for? You will be asked to come to hospital either on the day of the operation or the day before, depending on your circumstances. Most people go home two days after surgery but some are well enough to go the day following surgery and a few people stay a little longer. When can I go back to work? This will depend on your work and how well you cope with surgery, but most people can be back at work after 4-6 weeks. When can I drive after the operation? You need to avoid driving for a minimum of 4 weeks after surgery. After this time if you can perform an emergency stop and wear your seatbelt without discomfort then you may drive. When can I go on holiday after the operation? We would advise you to avoid travel for any distance for 6 weeks after surgery. Because the risk of deep vein thrombosis is higher after obesity surgery you should not fly for three months. When can I get pregnant after an operation? We would advise that you do not become pregnant for at least a year after your operation. The period of rapid weight loss following surgery is not the perfect environment for your unborn child. Do I need to exercise after my operation? Weight loss surgery works best in those that use the surgery as a springboard to change their lifestyle. The best results are seen in people who exercise regularly after surgery. We encourage starting regular exercise a few weeks after your surgery. This should be appropriate to your abilities. Regular walking, swimming or cycling are ideal, and should be done to a level where you are just becoming a little out of breath.
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