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Now I Can.... Mrs A J “I had yo-yo dieted for years and had very poorly controlled diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The surgery has changed my life completely and now I don’t take any medication at all. I have so much energy I think I’m going to burst sometimes. I love shopping, holidays, working, meeting people and feeling so good. I feel like a new person inside and out. Now I have hope for the future and living a healthy life for a lot longer.” Mr A E “My overall experience from initial assessment to discharge was excellent. I was in good hands all of the time. After having my weight loss surgery, my lifestyle has changed completely. I feel much better in myself, also my weight has come down and I can fit into my clothes again.” Mrs G S “I used to have heart problems, arthritis in my knees and my spine, and I also had sleep apnoea. This op was a blessing. I’ve lost 15 stones in weight. Now I’m very happy and life is great.  I love being with my grandchildren and going to the park with them, it’s so much fun.”
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The are the real life stories of how peoples lives have been changed for the better after having had their surgery - read on to discover just how it could change your life too...
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