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Now I Can.... Mr R R “Since the surgery I feel much younger, virile and just generally happier. I have a whole new outlook on life. I’m so grateful for the chance to relive my life and I am grabbing it with both hands. Every day I’m learning something new that I can do. I wish I had done it years earlier.” Mrs L S “The operation has exceeded all my hopes and expectations. I thought I would never be normal again. I was completely reliant on friends and family for everything. Now I can wear clothes instead of sacks, breathe properly, I can fit into normal seats and get out of my car in a parking space” Mrs K T “I am no longer on any medications for diabetes, in fact I’m not classed as diabetic any more. My blood pressure is normal, and no more sleep apnoea, which is fantastic. I can actually have a good night’s sleep on my back. I feel much more confident and haven’t felt depressed at all, as I am able to do a lot more now. I was overwhelmed by all the support I had before the operation and whilst in hospital. I have a new lease of life and I cannot thank the whole team enough. I owe you all my life.”
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The are the real life stories of how peoples lives have been changed for the better after having had their surgery - read on to discover just how it could change your life too...
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