If   you   are   thinking   about   weight   loss    surgery    for   yourself,   a   friend   or   a   family member,   the   Welsh   Weight   Loss   Surgery   Clinic   CAN   help   you.   We   are   the   only   team of   specialists   who   have   been   accredited   by   the   Welsh   Assembly   Government   to perform weight loss and metabolic surgery in Wales. As   the   private   medical   arm   of   the   Welsh   Institute   of   Metabolic   and   Obesity   Surgery (WIMOS),   we   have   many   years   of   experience   performing   all   types   of   bariatric   surgery including   intra-gastric   balloon,   laparoscopic   gastric   band,   sleeve   gastrectomy   and gastric   bypass.   With   the   help   of   surgery,   our   patients   have   been   able   to   enjoy significant   improvements   in   their   quality   of   life.   We   are   immensely   proud   of   these excellent rates of success and our high patient satisfaction. Our   focus   is   to   give   you   the   right   advice,   support,   and   guidance   that   allow   you   to make   the   choices   that   are   right   for   you.    We   can   perform   your   surgery   at   one   of   the two   private   hospitals   in   South   Wales   that   we   have   approved   as   having   the   necessary high standards of care and support. As   the   only   specialists   in   Wales   who   perform   these   types   of   operations   in   both   the private   sector   and   NHS,   we   are   able   to   offer   you   the   highest   levels   of   expertise   to provide a service that is unmatched anywhere else across South Wales.
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